Monday, May 21, 2012

David Rudiak a featured speaker at Galaxy Fest

Dr. David Rudiak will be a featured speaker at the 2012 Roswell Galaxy Fest, centered around the International UFO Museum and Research Center.
The Galaxy Fest begins Friday, June 29, and runs through Monday, July 2.
Rudiak will provide updates on his new research and provide insights on Gen. Roger Ramey’s memo.
Besides attending the Roswell Festival, at which he was first a speaker in 2009, he also has been a speaker at the Aztec and Ozark UFO conferences. In Ufology, his main area of expertise is the alleged Roswell saucer crash of 1947, which he has been studying since 1994.
Rudiak is perhaps best known for his work on reading the telex photographed in Gen. Ramey’s hand as general tried to debunk the Roswell crash as a weather balloon. Ramey’s memo mentions “the victims of the wreck” and shipping something “in the disc,” words and phrases which he and others consider to be smoking-gun proof that a saucer crash really occurred.
His work on Ramey’s memo was first publicly presented on a 2002 Sci Fi Channel special on Roswell and another TV Roswell documentary by NBC Television in 2007.
In addition, Rudiak has done extensive research on other facets of the Roswell case, such as compiling the largest newspaper collection of how the story was reported at the time and how the military ran a campaign afterward to debunk Roswell and the newly appeared flying saucers seen all over the country.
He has compiled a 60-page list of anomalous crash debris descriptions from many Roswell military and civilian witnesses. His research also has be used to debunk the Air Force's modern Mogul balloon “explanation.”
Rudiak has a Bachelor’s in Physics and a Doctor of Optometry from the University of California, Berkeley, as well as graduate training in biophysics and neurophysiology.
He has done research and published scientific papers on brain wave recording to visual stimuli and visual stimulation with magnetic brain stimulators. He has used this scientific research background to debunk claims that alien abduction reports are the result of weak Earth magnetic fields causing hallucinations in the brain.
Many affidavits and essays on key Roswell witnesses can be found on Rudiak’s website. He also has dug into and done write-ups on the 1965 Kecksburg and 1967 Shag Harbor UFO crashes and the 1965 Socorro UFO landing.
Other extensive research has been done on the 1994 Nevada Nellis Range UFO and a 1950 UFO mass sighting over California and Nevada. This and hundreds of pages of other research can be found at his website:

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