Monday, June 27, 2016

Dr. Ken Johnston Donates Apollo Archives

Roswell, NM - Dr. Ken Johnston Sr, whistleblower and witness to the image manipulation at NASA in Houston during the Apollo days, is donating a copy of his book series, “KEN’S MOON.” The the three-book series includes the archives of Apollo mission photos he obtained during his tenure working at the Lunar Receiving Lab in Houston, Texas at the Johnson Space Center. Included in the donation is other information about Ken Johnston and video clips of interviews he has done over the years, including a BBC TV program that was filmed at the Smithsonian. 

Ken's archives has been of interest to researchers for decades because of the interesting artifacts and anomalies that have been found on these early-edition lunar photographs.

Johnston was interviewed in the made-for-tv movie, “Aliens on the Moon” on the Syfy channel that aired in 2014.

Johnston's books and archives are being donated to the International UFO Museum & Research Center in Roswell, New Mexico. The city of Roswell has embraced its place in the history of UFOs and has become a gathering place for people interested in ufology and extraterrestrial life. The UFO conference held 4th of July weekend, brings in top-level researchers and speakers. The growing collection of material for research into ufology at the center is world reknowned.

What makes Ken Johnston’s archive particularly interesting to researchers is because it was created right during the busy days of the Apollo missions. Most researchers today only have access to the current database of images that are in electronic format. Researchers have noted, there are significant differences between images in Ken’s archives and what is available to the public. Johnston is an eyewitness to NASA personnel scrubbing out details of photos and painting over the stars in the sky.

When Johnston was working at the Lunar Receiving Lab at the Johnson Space Center, for reasons that have never been adequately explained, NASA officials ordered the destruction of five full sets of the irreplaceable photos of the missions that had been kept for use and study by scientists and NASA employees.

Johnston argued with his boss because he thought that the extra sets of photos could be shared with universities and scientific institutions. Because his boss expressly stated, “I don't care what you do, just get rid of them,” Ken had found his loophole for keeping two sets, one set that he gave to a university has all but disappeared, The other he kept for his own records. Three sets of photos went into the dumpsters behind the building as ordered. He's kept this set over many years and shared them with various researchers.

In 2015, Johnston met with researchers Bret Colin Sheppard and Karen Christine Patrick of the Lunar Anomaly Research Society, a group on Facebook. Members of the group study artifacts and anomalies found in lunar photographs including ancient structures, modern technology, and UFO craft seen on the moon. ( )

Johnston, Sheppard, and Patrick became Team “KEN’S MOON”  named after the book series. Together, they put the information into ebook format which has now been published as Ken’s autobiography, a catalog of mission reports, and the photographic archive. These are all available on the website

In thinking of the different ways to preserve this material, one day it occurred to the team that it would be an excellent idea to donate a set of copies of the books to the International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell, New Mexico so that the archives could be available to patrons of the research center, on permanent display.